Exterior Plaster Finishes

Plaster has been used for exterior walls since the beggining of recorded history.  It is a wonderful approach at creating a durable finish that does not need to be painted. Its durablility means that it withstands weather and impacts. Because plaster is so veristile in its application, the design possiblities are endless.  Stucco and plaster are always used when a project emulates an historic style, but it is also perfect for modern projects, even plaster applied to ICF and ACC blocks.

Architects and homeowners often choose exterior plaster because its ability to manipulated into details are almost limitless.  Also, it's ability to withstand age, weather, heat without any maintenance is unparalleled.

For many projects we use a special product by Variance called Tierra Finish which gives us the ability to create a sculpted look with layers of material and it can be used to emulate many surface details for an enhanced aesthetic look.  Because it incorporates foam, it also provides insulating properties.


Before: The building originally had cracks, deteriorated finishes, and a very plain design


After:  The plaster was restored with Parex Variance EIFS finish that allowed
us to create textural details for visual interest.


Cold Weather Application

Don't let cold weather worry you about the progress of your project, you have the option of keeping your project on-schedule by have us protect our work from the elements with tents and heaters.