Resort Quality Plaster Craft

We do plaster application for many high-end resort projects, such as Pronghorn resort. We use time-tested materials and techniques for both exterior and interior styles.

Commercial Plaster Application

You can trust White Star Enterprises to do a top quality professional job in the time frame you need.

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Old World Plaster Finishes

This Limestone Plaster Finish gives this home unique and personalized appeal.

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Venetian Plaster Style

Complete your Old-World style with genuine plaster done in the Venetian style.

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Tower Theater Restoration

Restoring buildings over a century old with modern and traditional techniques. On this project we utilized the Exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) which allowed us to greatly improve the visual appleal and texture of the original surface.

Old World Plaster Finishes

This Diamond Veneer Plaster Finish gives this home an 18th Century Old World feel.

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Specialty Plaster Patterns

With plaster we can create specialty surface patters to emulate bricks, stone, tile etc, without the cost.

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Specialty Plaster Application

We specialize in many old world plastering techniques, and specialty techniques for alternative construction such as Straw Bale homes.

Tuscan Plaster techniques

We specialize in many old world techniques that bring to life beautiful Italian Styles such as Tuscan Finishes and Venetian Plaster Finishes.

Plaster is Durable, stylish and Protective

Plaster has been used for thousands of years to protect homes and buildings.

Latest News

25th anniversary of Whitestar Enterprises Central Oregon Plaster Experts

On December 3rd Whitestar hosted a party to celebrate 25 years in Bend.  The party took place at Elk Lake and all had great fun in the winter mountian resort.

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Bend Oregon Plastering Specialists

Specializing in Venetian plaster, limestone, and EIFS finishes

WhiteStar Enterprises, LLC is located in Bend, Oregon and is a renowned Oregon Plaster and Stucco contractor. We have over 25 years experience with venetian plaster, old world stucco finishes, interior plastering techniques, exterior plastering materials; and are respected for our quality craftsmanship.  WhiteStar has long standing relationships with the Bend's most respected builders and architects.  We also work directly with home owners, and building officials to ensure the proper design and application of plaster finishes.

Our professional goal is long term satisfaction. We continue to update our training in the latest systems as well as latest building codes and requirements.Our many years of experience in the plastering industry are demonstrated in each and every job we perform.

WhiteStar installs a variety of Custom Plaster Products including:

Interior Plaster

Once a standard product, interior plaster has become a designer's dream product. There are many options available. When applied with integral color, no painting is required.

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