Plaster over ICF and AAC

ICF installers and designers like to say they can match any look or style of home. It’s true that insulated concrete forms can accommodate nearly any exterior finish. Textured acrylic finishes, stuccos, brick, stone, and siding can easily be applied

Exterior Plaster Finishes

Plaster has been used for exterior walls since the beggining of recorded history.  It is a wonderful approach at creating a durable finish that does not need to be painted. Its durablility means that it withstands weather and impacts.

Bend Oregon Plastering Specialists

Specializing in Venetian plaster, limestone, and EIFS finishes

WhiteStar Enterprises, LLC is located in Bend, Oregon and is a renowned Oregon Plaster and Stucco contractor. We have over 25 years experience with venetian plaster, old world stucco finishes, interior plastering techniques, exterior plastering materials; and are respected for our quality craftsmanship.  WhiteStar has long standing relationships with the Bend’s most respected builders and architects.  We also work directly with home owners, and building officials to ensure the proper design and application of plaster finishes.

Whitestar Enterprises was trusted with all the precise plastering that was part of the Tower Theater Restoration project.

experienced Plaster Experts

WhiteStar installs a variety of Custom Plaster Products including:

Our professional goal is long term satisfaction. We continue to update our training in the latest systems as well as latest building codes and requirements. Our many years of experience in the plastering industry are demonstrated in each and every job we perform.

“WhiteStar worked with us on our new home to create a custom old-world venetian plaster look. The results were amazing!”


Bend, Oregon

“The stucco you guys did is AWESOME! You can put your sign up in front if you like to show your handiwork. You guys did a great job! ”


Bend, Oregon

“We’d like to compliment you and your workforce for the quality of your work and the professional attitude of your company and your workers.”


Bend, Oregon


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