Residential Plaster

Whitestar specializes in the highest craftsmanship of residential plaster for your dream home.

Residential Plaster

Plaster is a very versitile material and allows for many different styles, textures and finishes.  Plaster has been used since before recorded history in every cultrure of the world for its ability to provide weather-proofing, and its unique ability to be shaped and textured for visual appeal. 

WhiteStar specializes in complete homes as well as adding a special touch to a feature wall. Stucco and exterior plaster projects can often be more economical and lower maintenance than other siding options such as paint. Exterior plaster is also often more desirable because of it’s inherent fire resistance and water resistance properties.


  • Pronghorn
  • Ranch at the Canyons
  • Northwest Crossing
  • Tetherow
  • Awbrey Butte

Textures and Styles

A huge variety of texutres can be achieved as well as speciality finishes to make your plaster project unique and beautiful. There are many styles of plaster finishes that are used today, some of which are historical and some are contemporary.

  • Mission style
  • Tuscan style
  • Southwest Style
  • Venetian Style